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Increase the strength of your company.

You are looking for electronic components, active, passive, electromechanical?

Your delivery plans need price optimization?

You need critical components?

You need help with discontinued components?

Excess inventory that is limiting your cash flow? – We will handle it for you in an uncomplicated and flexible manner.

Atron is your supplier when it comes to quality, loyalty, and trust. We plan together with you and find the best solution.

Inspire and stand out from the crowd.

Our goal is to support you in your professional life in the best possible way, accompany you, and create added value for you.

We listen closely to your needs and adapt the processing to your individual requirements.

With our services, extensive knowledge, and many years of experience, you can achieve cost optimization and planning security in the procurement of all components you need for your production.

Quality and precision.

Our goods come 100% from our qualified and tested suppliers. Our sources undergo rigorous testing, and we require complete and transparent traceability back to the original manufacturer of all goods purchased and delivered by us. Our worldwide network has been built up and optimized for 3 decades, undergoes regular on-site audits and controls to ensure compliance with all standards, especially for the correct handling and packaging of sensitive components, compliance with ESD regulations, and storage in accordance with manufacturer specifications. The quality of our goods is ensured by a strict incoming goods process, and we stand 100% behind all products we sell to our customers.

About company

Atron Electronic Components

Atron was founded in 1994 by Andy Morf as an independent distributor of electronic components. Andy worked as a purchaser for leading Swiss companies in the early 80s. and have set the goal of optimizing the purchasing processes and creating added value for our customers.

At Atron, we support our customers in the long term with knowledge and expertise, with reliability, flexibility, and speed. Our sales staff have extensive experience and a deep understanding of technology and electronic components.

You get the best service and benefit from the two areas of our industry: security and highest quality like an official distributor, but remain independent when it comes to delivery dates or franchised price lists that are regionally prescribed.

We believe that our activities as a company have local and global impacts on many different aspects of our society. Therefore, we see it as our duty to act responsibly and ecologicaly, and to be a positive example for society and the environment.
Atron Electronic Components​

Atron Electronic Components​ - Products

We maintain an extensive and diverse inventory of thousands of hard to find and obsolete components, in addition to our world wide network of global inventory and industry alliance partners. Our search engine allows us to quickly and efficiently search our stock and the inventory of our global alliances. Yet we're more than just a parts warehouse, we're your partner. It's the personal relationships our people build that keep our customers coming back. Excerpt from our delivery program:

Excerpt from our delivery program:

Automation and Control




Monitoring – Current-Voltage converter

Protectionrelays and -systems

Speciality Products and Relays


Integrated  Circuits (ICs)

Audio-Components Special Purpose

Data Acquisition








Special ICs

Passive Components



Potentiometer, Resistors

Crystals und Oscillators

Thermal Management



Embedded – Computer


Intergrated Circuits (ICs)





We offer a wide range of components from manufacturers such as:

· Allegro
· Altera (Intel)
· Analog Devices ·Atmel (Microchip)
· Avago (Broadcom) · Broadcom
· Cirrus Logic
· Cypress
· Everlight
· Fujitsu (Cypress)

  • Infineon
  • Intersil (Renesas)
  • ISSI
  • IXYS (Littelfuse)
  • Lattice
  • Linear Technology
  • Marvell
  • Maxim (AD)
  • Microchip
  • Micron
  • Nexperia
  • NXP
  • OnSemiconductor
  • Power Integrations ·Renesas
  • Silicon Labs
  • STM
  • Texas Instruments
  • Toshiba
  • Vishay
  • Winbond
  • Xilinx (AMD)

4-Bit MCUs
8-Bit MCUs
16-Bit MCUs
32-Bit MCUs

Memory Solutions
Mobile DRAM

Power Electronics
IGBT Module
Distkrete IGBTs

Markets: Industrial & Automation, Medical, Light, Embedded Systems, Home & Building, City & Infrastructure, Automotive, Aerospace

Excess Solutions

Excess Inventory Solutions: OEM Excess

We help you with your excess inventory:

 – Consignment: We’ll market and sell your inventory via our global customers and our supplier alliances.

– Buy: We’ll offer you a reasonable offer for all or per line items that you wish to turn into working capital.

Atron Electronic Components Services

Our services include:

* procurement of components
* price optimization
* frame contracts up to 12 months
* Excess inventory management
* logistics solutions, inventory management
testing of components, and programming/handling of components

We have built close relationships with large, medium, and small customers worldwide, including companies in the industries of industrial and automation manufacturers, embedded systems, video and audio manufacturers, as well as automotive and medical equipment and devices.

We have worked closely with many OEMs and CMs over the past 30 years and have developed deep business relationships with all our customers. For years, many well-known companies have been relying on us and the highest standards we stand.

Supported by flexible and state-of-the-art technology, our experienced logistics specialists ensure the fast and efficient implementation of tailor-made supply chain management concepts.

Talk to us and we will find a solution together, no matter how complex the task looks.

Your Global Source for Electronic Components


+41 (0) 44 918 75 55

Atron GmbH, Rosengartenstrasse 3, 8125 Zollikerberg, Switzerland

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